Christine Robichaud

Registered Veterinary Technician
I decided to work in the veterinary field because of my love of animals, the many learning experiences, and the great opportunities in different job possibilities (zoo, wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, etc.). I attended Oulton College and graduated in 2012. I love the small clinic setting and the opportunity to know animals and their owner, on a more personal level. I joined Acadia Veterinary Hospital in 2012 following on-the-job training. My favourite aspect of the clinic is the benefit that a smaller practice brings, such as getting to know the animals and their owners by name. This also allows us to develop a more personal relationship with them. I love interacting with the animals and their owners, helping and educating them, and seeing the difference we can make in a pet’s life. My first pet’s name was a Shepherd mix named Princesse. I now have two dogs named Macy and Ty, and two cats named Mac and Paco. One day, I would love to have horses! Also, I play bass in a band and love to travel.


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