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Comment brossé les dents

Par Danika Cormier, RVT C’est le mois de la santé dentaire et quelle meilleure façon de commencer que par le démarrage d’une routine d’hygiène dentaire avec votre animal de compagnie. Pour rendre cette tâche un peu plus facile, voici quelques conseils et avis généraux pour le soin des dents de vos petits compagnons. Nous allons commencer […]

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Top 3 Signs your Pet Needs Dental Attention

By Dr. Beth Martin Alright, so I want to start this blog off by getting everyone who has a dog or a cat to go lift up their lips and have a good look at their teeth! What do you see? Were they pearly white? Is tartar just starting to accumulate or were they so […]

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Why Do I Need to Vaccinate my Puppy?

With all the controversy surrounding vaccines today, you might ask yourself...

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Need To Know For First Time Dog Owners

When the time comes and you are beginning to think about getting a dog for the...

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À quoi s’attendre lors de votre examen chez le vétérinaire

Comme dans la santé humaine, il est important que les membres de votre famille...

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Back to School Separation Anxiety

It’s time to go back to school! That means the kids are now out of the house, the days get shorter, and the house gets quieter.

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