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Changements faciles pour améliorer la qualité de vie de votre animal aîné!

Comme chez l’humain, on peut observer des changements chez nos animaux aînés. Leurs besoins changent et il existe quelques trucs pour les aider à mieux vieillir!

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ATTENTION TOXIQUE – Fruit et légume pour votre animal!

Les fruits et légumes peuvent être une très bonne option pour votre chien ou votre chat, en particulier pour une petite gâterie faible en calories entre les repas.

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Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding Pet Food Allergies

Allergies are now a relatively common problem in our companion animals. When humans are allergic to something, we will usually sneeze, have runny, irritated eyes, and become severely congested.

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Spaying and Neutering: Why Not?

Why is it so important to have your pet spayed or neutered? There are numerous medical reasons why it’s so important to act fast and have them fixed early, whether it be for specific medical problems that may arise, or behavioural issues that become habits as the pet ages.

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Treadmill for Dogs: Good or Bad Idea?

Lack of sufficient aerobic exercise is a major contributor to the rising pet obesity trend and the serious debilitating diseases that go along with it. It also sets the stage for behavioural problems brought on by physical boredom and lack of mental stimulation.

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Can You Spray Your Dog with Mosquito Repellent?

The sun is out, and unfortunately, mosquitoes are too.

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