Fleas! by Danika,RVT

Spring weather has finally arrived, and along with it comes a plethora of parasites to torment your four-legged friends. Possibly the most common of these creepy-crawlies is the flea. Keeping these pests out of your home can seem like an unending task, but with our help, you can make these parasites a thing of the past!

The most effective way to control fleas on your pet is through prevention. A monthly topical product, available through your vet, is by far the best defense! These should not be confused with treatments that can be obtained at department stores or at a local pet shop. Many of those treatments contain harmful ingredients that can cause seizures and even death in cats. Don’t take chances by using these products!

If you have discovered fleas on your pet or in your home, it can take a few months to fully eradicate the problem. This is due to the flea’s life cycle. The adult fleas can be quickly eliminated. The lingering problem comes from the flea eggs, pupae and larvae that are still present in the home. These can lie dormant in your home for a couple of months, leading you to believe that the problem has been dealt with, only to have fleas pop up again. This is why it is essential to keep treating your pet for a minimum of 3 months, even if you no longer see adult fleas in your home.

Another cause for concern when fleas are on your pet is the fact that fleas can also transmit other parasites to your pet. The tapeworm that is most commonly found in our dogs and cats is transmitted to them through bites from infected fleas. This is why an additional dewormer is often recommended when fleas are present. If you notice tapeworm segments on your pet (looks like little grains of rice near your pet’s anus) you should likely treat for fleas as well, since that was likely the source to begin with.

At Acadia Veterinary Hospital we are ready for spring and have a multitude of flea treatments, preventatives and dewormers available. Call us today to make an appointment, and prevent these creepy-crawlies from taking over your home!