Important Things To Know When Getting a New Puppy


The microchip is a way to identify your pet. A veterinarian simply injects a microchip, about the size of a grain of rice under the surface of your pet’s skin. If a rescue group finds your pet after they may go missing, they just have to “scan” your animal to look for a microchip number. The number that is on it will help identify your pet. You no longer need to worry about what would happen if your dog lost his collar.

Get a crate

Crate training is the easiest way to keep your puppy safe. They want to explore and learn about this world and what surrounds them but still don’t know what is good or bad, for you or for them. Keeping them in a crate, when you’re busy, at night or when you’re away makes it easier for both of you. This method teaches a pup to eliminate where you want them to. They won’t feel comfortable if they are having accidents on their own bed and will prefer to wait to be somewhere else, which gives you a chance to bring your puppy outside as soon as you get him out of his crate.

Puppy food

Like children, it’s important to start the puppy development with good and healthy food to help them grow. The nutritional needs of young and still growing dogs is twice the daily nutritional requirements than that of mature dog. Puppies grow rapidly — building bones, strengthening muscles and developing organs. Because of this rapid growth, they need food that is nutrient-dense or food that packs more protein, nutrients and vitamins in smaller portions. They also need more calories for all the energy they spend in a day!

Pet insurance

One of the best advice of all this list is probably to get Pet insurance! You never know what will happen in the future of your companion, but it will probably get sick one day! Having pet insurance will bring you peace of mind, that if anything major happens to your dog, you will be able to afford it. There’s plenty of companies out there with different programs, my advice would be to start shopping before you even get your puppy!


Puppies love to play. They observe the world with their eyes but especially with their nose and mouth. Their teeth are growing and it can be painful. Which is why they love to chew on everything. Get them safe toys. Ropes can be tricky, as they can destroy it easily and can swallow it, which will bring them directly to the emergency clinic. Same thing with other toys that are easy to break, especially stuffy toys. “Kong” toys are often a good pick, they can play with it like a ball, they are not so easy to destroy and you can hide treats in it. (Tips: if your puppy has problems with their growing teeth, put wet food in your Kong, leave it in the freezer and give it to you puppy as a treat/toy. It will help the inflammation and will keep them busy for few minutes).


They are puppies; young and full of energy. We were talking about the importance of the crate training, but don’t forget the importance of exercise as a combination. Exercise will make your dog feel better and nicely tired. It will minimize puppy crimes too! It’s better to have them play with you or going for a run than having them spending their energy on your brand new shoes!

Written by Lise Benoit