Surgery Service

Surgery services include, but not limited to castration, trauma surgery, abscess, eye surgeries, enunciation, ear surgeries such as aural hematoma. We also help to stabilize limb injuries if needed, before transportation to a more advanced trauma care facility. We will remove tumours on dogs, do exploratory laparotomies to remove foreign bodies out of the abdomen. We also do cystotomies to remove bladder stones if needed. Oral surgeries to removed infected masses or excessive gum tissue are also done. In some breeds, nose surgery is needed to help breath better. In the end, we have a very capable team, but we will not hesitate to refer if this is truly in the best interest of the patient.

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What anesthetic protocol do you use?

Anesthetic and sedation are important parts of all surgeries. Acadia goes to great length to implement effective and proper pain management protocols. The comfort of our patients during and post surgery is of utmost importance. Our anesthetics include custom induction techniques, gas anesthetics or injectable anesthetic, depending on what is safest for your pets. Electronic monitoring, as well as personal monitoring by our veterinarians and our registered veterinary technicians, is done for all our surgeries to ensure safe and effective recoveries.

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