Spay and Neuter: For the good of your pet.

We’ve all heard the “Please spay or neuter your pet” slogans, and they’re generally referring to the thousands and thousands of kittens and puppies that are born each year and the countless other pets clogging our local shelters desperately waiting for their forever homes. And though this should be reason enough to spay and neuter, this isn’t the only reason.

Many serious health issues can be avoided in your pet’s life if it is spayed or neutered at a young age. For an example, if you spay your pet prior to her first heat, her incidence of developing mammary tumors in her life is approx 0.8%, however, if allowed to have even one heat cycle, her risk quickly climbs to approx 25%. It continues to climb even higher than that with each additional heat cycle. Similarly, in males, castration can prevent testicular and prostate issues, as well as help eliminate marking behavior.

Another risk for intact females is pyometra. This is a condition where the uterus fills with pus. This condition can be life-threatening if not caught early. The uterus can swell to the point where it ruptures. Once again, if your pet is spayed, there is no uterus, and therefore no risk of pyometra!

Have an intact pet that is constantly trying to escape? It’s those raging hormones driving them outdoors! Spayed and neutered pets are much less likely to roam. Spaying and neutering can also help with slightly embarrassing behaviours, like your pet trying out their best dirty-dancing moves on you, your neighbour, or your couch pillows!

Another added bonus to spaying and neutering your pet, is a slightly lower food bill. Pets that are spayed or neutered have a lower energy requirement, and food portions can be cut by approx 25%. Keep in mind that this is an approximation. Pets can have very different activity levels, so the goal is to maintain a healthy weight. Not sure what your pet’s healthy weight should be? Call us today to set up a nutritional consult with one of our skilled veterinary technicians today!

So in conclusion, please spay and neuter your pets! Not only because there are enough puppies and kittens waiting for homes already, but also for the health and long life of your own furry-friend.