5 Ways to Enrich the Life of Your Indoor Cat

The safest place for your kitty to be is within the confines of your home! Most communities have by-laws preventing cats from roaming outside of their own yard. Keeping your pet inside significantly lowers its risks of injury and illness, and drastically improves its life expectancy. Many people feel their cat may be bored from being cooped up day after day, however, there are many things you can do to keep your cat happy, while safe and sound at home.

Perches: Cats are notorious for seeking out high places. They very much enjoy being on top of the world and surveying everything around them. Having one or more of these in your home can make for a very happy cat!

A room with a view: Though it’s best to keep your cat in your home, they will certainly appreciate access to a window. Some may have a sill large enough for the cat to sit and observe the world outside, but you can also purchase beds that attach directly to the window or create a shelf under your window. You can add to the experience by placing bird feeders nearby. Just be sure that your cat can’t cause damage to your screens or escape through an open window.

Cat grass: Many cats really enjoy munching on cat grass. It is often available potted at local flower shops. Kits and seeds are also readily available. It is super easy to grow, even if you don’t have a “green thumb”!

Cat toys: Cats will often have an active prey drive. Having a variety of toys that they can stalk, chase and pounce on, can go a long way to keeping your kitty entertained.

Food puzzles: A variety of feeding devices are available for your cat. There are “treat balls” that encourage a cat to be active in order to get a reward. There are also specialized feeding mats or bowls that require a bit of effort from your cat in order to get its meal. These items also help to control weight gain that may be associated with the more sedentary lifestyle of our indoor pets.

If you need more ideas about how to keep your indoor cats happy and healthy, don’t hesitate to call us at Acadia Veterinary Hospital.

Written by Danika Cormier, RVT