Parasite Prevention for Cats: Protection Inside Out

One of the most frequent questions that are asked in a Veterinary Clinic are:

puppy training tips

Puppy Training: The Major Impact of Socialization

When you’re getting a new puppy, it’s your responsibility to take care of that animal and make sure it has been raised well, for the safety of your pet, other people and children who will meet that dog in the future.

pet parenting

Signs That Should Never Be Ignored!

Your pet’s not feeling 100% and you’re thinking you should wait and see how it goes. Though this is rarely recommended, there are some situations where waiting will surely cost you in the long run. Here are a few examples of pet problems that should not wait, as they may be easily (and economically) treated […]

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My Itchy Pet

If you have a dog that is constantly scratching, licking his paws, or shaking his head, then they may be suffering from a condition called atopy or allergic dermatitis. When dogs are allergic to something they don’t generally sneeze or have a runny nose like we do. They get ITCHY! And because their skin is […]