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Changements faciles pour améliorer la qualité de vie de votre animal aîné!

Comme chez l’humain, on peut observer des changements chez nos animaux aînés. Leurs besoins changent et il existe quelques trucs pour les aider à mieux vieillir!

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Senior Pet Care

Just as older people have different healthcare needs than younger people, senior pets require different care than required by young pets. Here at Acadia Veterinary Hospital, we recommend an exam and bloodwork/urinalysis/blood pressure check every 6-8 months in our senior pets. It is important to remember that every year for a dog or cat is […]

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Euthanasia for Your Pet – How will i know when its time?

Many people assume that euthanasia must be the hardest part of my job as a veterinarian and surprisingly (and truthfully), it isn’t. I see it as gift we can give to animals that are at the end of their life and are suffering.  Many clients ask me if I think it’s time for them to euthanize their elderly or […]

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Senior Pet Care at Acadia Veterinary Hospital!

October and November are Senior Pet Care Months at Acadia At Acadia Veterinary Hospital, we’re committed to helping owners enrich the lives of their pets.  Senior pets can live a longer, healthier and more active life by eating right and catching diseases while they are still manageable. Did you know? Pets age about seven years […]

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Arthritis in Dogs and Cats

Arthritis is a very common condition in our middle-aged to older companion animals. It is estimated to be present in 20-25% of our senior dogs, and up to 90% in our senior cats! It is very common to think “oh, he’s just getting older” but your pet could be silently suffering from painful arthritis. Here […]

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Back to School Separation Anxiety

It’s time to go back to school! That means the kids are now out of the house, the days get shorter, and the house gets quieter.

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