Tips to Keep your Dog Safe & Happy in Summertime

We may have thought after this long winter that it would never arrive, but summer is approaching fast! Along with the wonderful warmer weather comes a host of potential hazards to our four-legged friends!

The first thing that needs to come to mind after the spring thaw is parasite treatment and prevention! As those snow banks melt, a plethora of stomach churning critters are freed from their icy slumber, and wait for your furry friend to happen by and make their acquaintance! As the temps keep rising, ticks and fleas start making their appearance. Yearly veterinary exams with your pet can make sure you have access to the treatments/preventatives to keep all these critters in check!

But as we well know, parasites aren’t the only risk posed to our pets during the summer months.

The rising temps themselves can cause quite a risk. The word is definitely spreading, but it still warrants repeating. Please leave Fido at home if you’re going to any place that he won’t be able to accompany you. It can take only minutes for the heat inside your vehicle to become unbearable and could cost your beloved pet their life.

Going for walks should also be thought through. The pavement/cement/sand can get exceedingly hot on your poor pet’s pads. We’ve seen many cases of blisters or hot melted tar on paw pads. Pets often aim to please, and will keep walking as long as you are, ignoring the pain they must be feeling. Limit long walks on super hot days. Take breaks on the grass to let poor paws cool down. And of course your pet must always have access to fresh water, and should also always have access to a shady cooler spot when outside.

Summertime also comes with its own set of emergency vet visits. One of the most common being Porcupine quills… Try and do yourself a favour and take a look around the yard to make sure the coast is clear before letting Fido out to answer the call of nature! However, in the event that Fido did make friends with a Prickly-Partner, Be sure you don’t cut the quills! It tends to make them migrate further, and will make them more difficult to remove. You can call us here at Acadia 24/7, even outside our usual hours, there’s always someone ready to speak to you in the event of an emergency.

Hope everyone has a Super Safe Summer!!