We know you want your pet to be happy and relaxed when coming to visit their veterinarian, but sometimes the best intentions may result in unforeseen complications. In my career, I’ve seen many a pet get lost in a clinic, get injured or even pass away after leaving a routine visit because something startled the pet and it darted into traffic. These mishaps could all have been avoided. Don’t let your pet become one of these 3 Furry Fails!

1) The Leash-less Wanderer
leash less dog

We understand that your dog may be trained like no other, and may be super friendly. However, you may not know who is on the other side of that clinic door. They may Not be well trained or friendly! Best keep hold of your leash, and not let your dog introduce itself to a potentially cranky patient.

2) The Carrier-Free Kitty
carrier free cat

Some people say their cat hates the carrier, or that they travel so well in the car, or that they prefer to be held in their arms. Regardless, it’s still much safer to keep your cat in its carrier until your pet is safely inside the veterinarian’s office.

There are loads of hazards around a clinic if you’re looking through the eyes of a curious cat! There are nooks and crannies to hide in, clinic doors often held open for other people/patients, and unfamiliar animals.

3) The Socialite
social cat and dog

Though we certainly don’t discourage owners from chatting and getting to know each other in the waiting area, it is important not to let your pet socialize with all the furry friends around the clinic. This is not because we don’t believe that your pet is friendly… It’s because this is a hospital, and pets generally come in because they are sick. The same way that you would not allow your toddler to hug sneezing strangers at the emergency room, you shouldn’t allow your pet to get up close and personal with a possibly infectious new friend!

Written by Danika Cormier, RVT