How to minimize stress and anxiety in your cats

Is your cat stressed? It may not be as obvious as one may think. Cats can be quite particular about their environment and routine. Noise, a move, new house-guests(2-legged or 4-legged), and any other change can result in a stressed kitty. Did your cat suddenly start peeing outside the litterbox? If they’re not suffering from an infection or blockage, then it’s probably stress! Here are some things to keep in mind to help reduce stress in your cat’s life.

– Did you know that for every cat you have in your home, you should have the same # of litterboxes +1. So if you have 1 cat, there should be 2 boxes… 3 cats, 4 boxes. If your house has several levels, there should also be a box on each one.

– Though we may appreciate scented cat litters, many of our feline friends do not feel the same way. If your cat is showing signs of aversion to their litterbox, you can try switching to a different, unscented kind.

Litter box placement can also be problematic. It may suit us just fine to put it in a laundry room, or bathroom; however, loud noises, vibrations and people coming in and out can certainly cause your kitty to avoid it’s box. It’s best to put the box in a secluded spot with low traffic.

Ensuring your cat has plenty of stimulation can also help to manage the stress in its life.

– Cats love to perch up where they can overlook what’s going on around them. Try and have a few such spots, perhaps a shelf near a window. There are also many cat trees and various perches available commercially.

– When they’re not perched up high, many cats also enjoy enclosed hiding spaces. A cardboard box can go a long way in keeping a happy cat!

– Ensuring your cat has a variety of distractions is also important in managing stress in cats. Scratching posts, toys and catnip are all good ways to add activity to your cat’s day.

Have more questions about your feisty feline friend? Don’t hesitate to call us at Acadia! Remember that a stress free cat makes for a Purrrfect companion!

Written by Danika Cormier