Blog: Dog


At Acadia Veterinary Hospital, we can offer the most current advice on preventative health care, including the right vaccinations for your dog. Vaccines are an important part of preventative healthcare for your dog. Some vaccines, such as rabies, are required by law. Others are just as good as common sense...

Puppy Vaccinations

You’ve anticipated the new arrival by ‘puppy-proofing’ your home and had lots of fun choosing the crate, bed, blanket, toys and other supplies they will need. This frisky little creature is sure to bring you much joy. In return, you can make a major contribution to your pet’s longevity, happiness...

Spaying and Neutering

Having your dog neutered is an important and responsible decision, which will help control the overpopulation of dogs who can all too often end up in shelters. Not only is this a responsible thing to do as a pet owner, but it may also help reduce the risks of some...


X-ray and Ultrasound

Here at Acadia Veterinary Hospital, we have x-rays and ultrasound services available to us and with our highly trained staff, we are able to perform a wide range of cutting-edge diagnostic testing.