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Knowing Your Pet's Allergies

Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding Pet Food Allergies

Allergies are now a relatively common problem in our companion animals. When humans are allergic to something, we will usually sneeze, have runny, irritated eyes, and become severely congested.

cat laying down

Can My Pet Have Alzheimer’s?

Our geriatric pets can get a disease that is very similar to Alzheimer’s in people, and it’s called cognitive dysfunction. We are seeing this condition more and more now because our pets are living longer and longer. This is thanks to increased access to preventative veterinary care and better nutrition....

dog eating from bowl

My Dog Eats Way Too Fast!

Does your dog eat his meal too fast? Does it result in them choking or throwing up? This behaviour can be due to: Stress Food Guarding Malnutrition

My Dog Eats Poop

Yes, it is unusual for us humans, but for dog’s it’s a normal thing to do, especially for a mother with young puppies. She will clean them, provoke the defecation and make sure the environment is clean too.