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Furry Fails

We know you want your pet to be happy and relaxed when coming to visit their veterinarian, but sometimes the best intentions may result in unforeseen complications.

How to minimize stress and anxiety in your cats

Is your cat stressed? It may not be as obvious as one may think. Cats can be quite particular about their environment and routine. Noise, a move, new house-guests(2-legged or 4-legged), and any other change can result in a stressed kitty. Did your cat suddenly start peeing outside the litterbox?...

Spay and Neuter: For the good of your pet.

We’ve all heard the “Please spay or neuter your pet” slogans, and they’re generally referring to the thousands and thousands of kittens and puppies that are born each year and the countless other pets clogging our local shelters desperately waiting for their forever homes. And though this should be reason...

Help your cat adjust to new surroundings, by Chantal Frenette

Most pets, especially cats do not like change. They are territorial animals and when moving to a new home, it changes their territory so they no longer have their familiar marks, which is very stressful for them. Here are a few tips that will help your furry friend’s transition into...